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Vinyl Flooring in Colorado Springs, CO

O’Brien’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Colorado Springs is your local vinyl flooring expert. Vinyl flooring appears identical to wood or tile but is less expensive and longer lasting. It’s great for commercial spaces, though its authentic looks make it terrific for residential spaces too, especially those frequented by kids and pets.



What Types of Vinyl Flooring Are There?

There are a distinct types of vinyl flooring options, including vinyl tile flooring and vinyl plank flooring. Since vinyl floors continue to grow in popularity and technology continues to improve, homeowners have different choices to consider.



Is Vinyl Flooring Fully Waterproof?

Waterproof vinyl flooring is a unique vinyl that keeps liquid on the surface and doesn’t allow it to seep into the subfloor. While most vinyl flooring is water-resistant, certain products are fully waterproof. If you have pets, children, or you entertain often, waterproof vinyl protects your home from accidents.


Unique features make vinyl flooring waterproof. It has a watertight seal and a layered construction that doesn’t bend, warp, or gap when exposed to humidity and spills. Its waterproof core traps moisture underneath the floor and prevents it from causing permanent damage. It’s important to understand that waterproof vinyl is different from standard vinyl flooring, which is water-resistant. While water-resistant vinyl floors can manage an occasional spill here or there, puddles that sit on the floor will eventually sink into the surface. Our collection of vinyl flooring includes options that are resistant to moisture and completely waterproof.



Where Can I Install A Vinyl Floor?

Vinyl flooring can go anywhere, especially if you choose a waterproof option. It can withstand the foot traffic of living rooms and is comfortable in bedrooms. Your vinyl floor manages the levels of moisture you’d expect in kitchens. For bathrooms and laundry rooms consider a waterproof vinyl flooring option. Basements, entryways, and hallways are other prime places for vinyl flooring.



Planning Your Vinyl Flooring Installation

While vinyl flooring looks like real hardwood, tile, and stone, it has simpler installation and maintenance requirements. It’s easy to install as a floating floor or glued down. It comes in both waterproof vinyl tile and vinyl plank formats. It never needs refinishing, sanding, polishing, or grouting — although you can grout vinyl tile for added realism. Waterproof vinyl is perfect for high-moisture areas and rooms where puddles collect:

Its luxury appearance also makes it ideal for any room, including living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and commercial settings.



Discover Our Vinyl Flooring Collection

O’Brien’s Carpet One Floor & Home is your local source for the best vinyl flooring brands, including COREtec, Invincible H20, Invincible XT, Serenbe, Core elements, Metroflor, Tarkett, Mannington Adura, and Armstrong Alterna.


Learn about our kid-friendly, pet-friendly and allergy-friendly flooring options during you next visit to one of our Colorado Springs showrooms, or shop online today.





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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring is amazingly easy to clean and only require occasional sweeping. You can spend more time enjoying your floors than caring for them.