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Laminate Flooring in Colorado Springs, CO

Laminate flooring looks amazing while functioning within your lifestyle. At O’Briens Carpet One Floor & Home we have the best laminate flooring in the region. While laminate floors look like beautiful, natural hardwood and stone, their benefits differ significantly.


Not sure if you’re set on laminate flooring yet? Our in-store sales pros are here to help you determine if laminate flooring is the best product for you.

How Does Laminate Flooring Compare to Hardwood?

Laminate flooring came onto the market years ago, but it wasn’t as popular as today. Technology wasn’t as advanced back then. If you saw laminate flooring in the past, you could tell it was a hardwood “imposter.” Today’s laminate floors are more realistic and give you the wood and stone look you want.

Modern laminate flooring has a long list of benefits, including:

Is Laminate Flooring the Same As Vinyl Flooring?

The short answer is, “NO.” While these two resilient flooring families look similar, laminate flooring boasts significant advantages. Laminate flooring lasts longer, especially in high-traffic areas. While vinyl floors are fully synthetic, laminate flooring is manufactured from wood byproducts and resins. Additionally, laminate floors offer more convincing natural visuals, as they better capture textures like weathered hardwood and burnished slate.

Is Laminate Flooring Really Waterproof?

All laminate floors resist moisture, but only select options are genuinely waterproof.

Waterproof laminate flooring differs from typical laminates. These reinforced planks are armed with a resin-soaked, watertight core that prevents puddles and spills from sinking into your subfloor. We recommend a waterproof laminate for installations in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area.

Planning Your Laminate Flooring Installation

Installing laminate flooring in your home is best when done by a professional and can be a quick process.

You can install laminate anywhere, including:

Our Laminate Flooring Selection

As part of the Carpet One cooperative, we carry a variety of brands and styles that fit your needs. We offer the best laminate flooring brands, including Mohawk and Mannington. Visit us today to browse our laminate flooring or shop us online at your convenience.



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Caring for Laminate Floors

Caring for Laminate Floors

Laminate is one of the easiest flooring types to maintain. Check out how you can keep your laminate floors looking their best.