• Apr 14, 2016
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Say Goodbye to Stains and Hello to Bigelow Stainmaster

Inspiration Products Articles Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet

Over the years, technology has continuously changed the way carpet is made...for the better. We now have stain resistant, durable fibers that look an feel beautiful. We have so many different styles to choose from - beautiful patterns, soft plush styles in a rainbow of colors, and subtle textures.

With the Bigelow Stainmaster, stain resistance is built into this remarkable carpet, allowing you to maintain a beautiful, stylish home for a price that’s equally attractive.bigelow stianmaster living room

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet in Ashley Pines

These are only a few features that make Bigelow Stainmaster stand out from the rest:

Nylon 6.6 fiber provides greater resilience than traditional nylon to keep your carpet looking newer longer.

Green Select™ recyclable material helps protect the environment.

Advanced soil-resistance technology allows dirt to be more easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

bigelow stainmaster mud room

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet in Willow Ridge

The performance of this carpet is amazing, but the best thing is the way this carpet looks. You can have that beautiful style you love, and a floor that's so soft you'll want to sit on the floor with the kids, plus the worry-free stain-resistance will help you relax. Here are just a few of the beautiful new Bigelow Stainmaster styles:

bigelow stainmanster

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet in Vista Pointebigelow stainmaster bedroom 1Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet in Samantha

Bigelow Stainmaster Carpet in Belhaven

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